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We are here to awaken...

I woke up on my second full day looking forward to my first lesson again with Yogeshji. Lessons always have a way of putting things back into perspective, and they definitely did.  Now I am halfway through the first leg of my stay in Mumbai, and it’s been really, really nice. Once I got over the feelings and the jet lag, I’ve fallen into a peaceful routine of solitary study, reflection, and practice.  I’ve been focused on working through my lesson material and transcribing my lessons, and reading.

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A ship in a harbor is safe...

I think one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable parts of travel is getting into the sticky situations. Traveling already plants us outside of our comfort zone, but it also often puts us into situations where we have to use our own creativity and ingenuity to figure things out in the moment, and then to be able to tell a great story about it later.  Usually, a little time and distance from the chaos of a plan gone wrong help give some perspective, but then it ends up being a great memory - something overcome. 

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