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I wish life was not so short.

I've picked up a few words since coming to Mumbai, and not just in Hindi. In Australia, "Mozzies" are mosquitos, a "brickie" lays bricks, and a "rick" is a rickshaw. In Hindi ,"Hauh" means yes. "Naihe" means no.  An "Indian head bob" means everything.  And most things are game for adding in an Indian head bob, to which I have dutifully submitted. I have discovered that if I speak in English with an "Indian accent," cab drivers will better understand what I am asking them, which feels ridiculous at times, but really works well. 

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Don't avoid extremes...

India is an intense juxtapositions of extremes. The most expensive house in the world is located in Mumbai, and I've driven past it a few times. You have to slump down and crank your head up to see it while in a cab from about a block away. Three people live there. This is in the same city as one of the earth's biggest slums - Dharavi slum, where almost 1 million people live. The dirt and dust and exhaust and pollution is everywhere, but then you see people of all classes and backgrounds wearing the most vibrant, beautiful colors and fabrics, next to massive fruit and goods stands. Crumbling buildings and hole-in-the-wall shops are wedged next to massive, ornate architectural monoliths.

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It’s gonna take awhile.

Mat and I love This American Life. It is our go-to in the long road trips between Minneapolis and Chicago when we are driving back to visit my family a few times a year, and we always look forward to it.  We'll get in the car, get settled down, and once we have been on the road for maybe an hour or two, we will turn on an episode. A few hours later, we are magically in Illinois, and it feels like not much time has passed. I also love Ira Glass. I love his curiosity, I love his presentation - he's really great at what he does.

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