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It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood...

This morning, I entered the cafe where I used to sit every afternoon last time I was here to use the internet. I don't know why I hadn't come here earlier, I pass it almost every day since it is so close. I came in and ordered a coffee and asked for the wifi password. The manager came to take some ID (they are pretty secure around here), and he asked me if I was here 4 or 5 years ago! I said, "Yeah, wow! Good memory!"  He said, "I thought it was you, and I saw the name on your ID and I knew it!"  I was pretty amazed.

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Stop acting so small.

Brown plants, dirt, musky green trees, and garbage whirred past me through the bars of the window on the train. Each time a train going the opposite direction passed, I would hear the loud, "WHAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWwwwww," and feel the gust of warm air nudge me. Night took over, and the train gently rocked as it rushed through Maharashtra. Once night had fallen, the moon revealed itself as a smile. I had never seen the sliver of the moon sideways like that. It reminded me of the cheshire cat's smile from Alice in Wonderland, and I felt like it was challenging me.

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Either you decide to stay in the shallow end...

When I am in India, in a way things are much more simple than home. In the morning I wake up with the sun. I shower, I eat, and what I do with my day is entirely up to me, but it really comes down to two options:  I can say yes or I can say no. Each day is a challenge to say yes to breaking out of the comfort zone. If I go outside at all, the chaos of the city will absolutely challenge me, whether I decide to walk down the street for a few quick errands, or travel to a new part of the city. I recently spoke to a few long-time Mumbaikars (as they are called), and this phenomenon of not being able to handle the sheer volume of city-ness of Mumbai is very common. Many people hwo have lived here struggle with either leaving or coming back - not wanting to bear the insanity of the insanely dense city, but still having feelings of home attached. 

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