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Either you decide to stay in the shallow end...

When I am in India, in a way things are much more simple than home. In the morning I wake up with the sun. I shower, I eat, and what I do with my day is entirely up to me, but it really comes down to two options:  I can say yes or I can say no. Each day is a challenge to say yes to breaking out of the comfort zone. If I go outside at all, the chaos of the city will absolutely challenge me, whether I decide to walk down the street for a few quick errands, or travel to a new part of the city. I recently spoke to a few long-time Mumbaikars (as they are called), and this phenomenon of not being able to handle the sheer volume of city-ness of Mumbai is very common. Many people hwo have lived here struggle with either leaving or coming back - not wanting to bear the insanity of the insanely dense city, but still having feelings of home attached. 

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