A ship in a harbor is safe...

A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”   — John A. Shedd

I think one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable parts of travel is getting into the sticky situations. Traveling already plants us outside of our comfort zone, but it also often puts us into situations where we have to use our own creativity and ingenuity to figure things out in the moment, and then to be able to tell a great story about it later.  Usually, a little time and distance from the chaos of a plan gone wrong help give some perspective, but then it ends up being a great memory - something overcome. 

My first day back in Mumbai was a struggle, but mostly with myself. I hadn’t yet had a large enough portion of sleep to fully regain control of my emotions, so spent the day convincing myself to accomplish very small, simple tasks. The sunlight helped, but I was still in full self pep-talk mode, forcefully propelling my body into action when my feelings were trying to convince me to nonsensically hide somewhere. I decided breakfast would need to be made. Okay. You have everything you need to make a decent breakfast. There’s a gorgeous mango waiting for you in the fridge, and bread and butter. Just make toast. That’s all we need to do right now. Make some toast. I fished out the toaster, and explored the water filter that was hooked up to the sink. I popped the bread in, turned on the outlets, and was making things happen. I felt proud, fueled by my baby steps. There. That’s not so bad! I am making breakfast! 

Then I hear a strange little tune coming from the water filter. I look over at it, and water starts spurting from a little hose I hadn’t noticed onto the toaster, while playing a demented little electronic melody. It was the most ridiculous, unexpectedly bizarre kitchen mishap. I lurched forward and threw the outlet switch off (so thankful they have outlet on and off switches here).

I stopped and waited. No sparks, that’s good. I carefully unplugged the toaster.  As I inspected it, I saw that the water hadn’t actually gone into the toaster, but was bouncing off the inside rim of it. As I inspected further, I also realized that my toast was done, and still dry! With a sigh of relief that I hadn’t died by electrocution (AND that I had breakfast!) I sat down and commenced with my meal. Small victories. Small. Victories. 

I would LOVE to hear about your mishap travel stories. Comment below if you have one you’d like to tell!

A sunny morning from my room

A sunny morning from my room