HELLO!  I am thrilled you have come so far as to have clicked on the link from Facebook! Or maybe Twitter.  Either way, I am immensely appreciative of the time you're taking to read something on my new website. To show my appreciation, I've provided a list of the three things that are the most interesting on my site at this very moment (please keep in mind that hopefully this will change and grow over time...but here's what I've got on the first day):


1. the second blog post  - extremely fun tUnE-yArDs video! woo hoo!

2. the resources page  - yes - one of the most interesting things right now is a link to OTHER PEOPLE'S pages.  But it is some really great stuff - you don't want to miss out on it.

3. the recordings page  - (under about) you can listen to a few rough-draft recordings of tunes that I play on with Matra and one that I wrote (Life in a Day).