One day, of course, no one will remember...

"One day, of course, no one will remember what I remember." ~ Donald Hall

This morning I woke up to a dull roar of people. For a groggy moment, I thought that maybe everyone was at breakfast without me, and that the sound was coming from the hotel being full of people in the dining hall. Then I realized the crowd was not from the hotel. I popped my window open to reveal through the trees a dirt soccer field crowded with teenage boys playing a soccer game. I layed there for awhile, taking a moment to let where I was sink in again, and then got ready to go down to breakfast. 

Breakfast was delicious (it always is here), and sat with my tea and Indian breakfast. I saw two girls enter, but they had chosen another table. I continued to eat and go about my business, and then decided that I needed to make friends that morning, and it was going to happen at breakfast. So I finished my breakfast and asked to join their table.

What happened after that was a whirlwind of friendship - it was pretty awesome.  My new friends are around my age, one from England, one from India. It was great to be able to launch into such comfortable conversation so immediately.  Since they were looking for a room, we decided to room together to cut down on the costs of my room. We spent the rest of the morning together, wandering through the Taj and the Gateway of India, buying chocolates, and taking pictures. I am still in an elated disbelief that this is only day one. 

Around 3 or 4 pm, however, I became a zombie. I don't remember the intensity of jet-lag form my last trip, but I was pretty useless for awhile.  I turned in early while the other two went out, and ended up sleeping  for a much-needed 11-12 hours. 

This morning has been relaxed and great, and I got to talk to Yogeshji and make some plans for lessons. I also found out I'll be travelling a little bit to attend a workshop and see Yogeshji in a solo performance, which will be awesome.

The only thing I have been a little concerned about is that I don't have drums yet. Being here makes me so anxious to get started with practicing, and I really want to dive in. Because drums are cheaper to buy here and fly back with you, I will have to borrow until I am able to order a set. But I did speak with Yogeshji today, and he said I would be able to borrow some tonight or tomorrow, so I am very happy to have a plan and get practicing! My plan this weekend is to get some writing done, get as comfortable as I can getting around the city, and to get my schedule adjusted so I can be as ready as possible when lessons start. 

Some chocolates form the pastry shop at the Taj.